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Fritz Lang - Das Wandernde Bild AKA The Moving Image (1920)

There's very little information available about "Das Wandernde Bild" ("The Wandering Image"). Even the massive "Fritz Lang: His Life and Work," published by the Berlin Film Festival for a 2001 retrospective, has only this to offer:

"The melodrama Das wandernde Bild was made under the artistic supervision of Joe May, who also produced the film. It was shot largely at original locations at the Konigsee and the Watzmann. Its working title was "Madonna in the Snow." May's wife, Mia, played the lead. This was the first script Lang and Thea von Harbou wrote together."

The film was also Lang's first with the actor Rudolf Klein-Rogge, who later became one of Lang's favorite performers, playing both Dr. Mabuse and the inventor Rotwang in "Metropolis." At the time of the filming, Klein-Rogge was married to Thea von Harbou, with whom Lang was having a passionate affair -- no doubt making for a rather tense set.

According to Patrick McGilligan's lurid biography of Lang, it was during this time that Lang and von Harbou began plotting the murder of Lang's first wife, Elisabeth Rosenthal. The German researchers, however, are dismissive of McGilligan's claims.

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