Selasa, 11 Januari 2011

Jean-Marie Poiré - Les petits câlins AKA The Little Wheedlers (1978)

Sophie, a young mother who has lost the care of her daughter after her divorce, lives with her friends, Corine and Sylivie, in an apartment in the Paris suburbs. Her need to be loved drives her to seduce men, but disappointment inevitably follows. Through her job as a researcher for a polling agency she meets Antoine, a shy architect. The two are instantly attracted to one another but Antoine’s fails to make his mark as a lover. Undeterred, Sophie invites Antoine to dinner that night, but he fails to keep the appointment. Sophie takes her revenge by spraying graffiti on the walls of his apartment – not knowing that the apartment actually belongs to his employer. When they are reunited, Sophie and Antoine are ambivalent about their relationship. With Antoine away from home, Sophie takes her chances with a stranger she meets on a train. This liaison satisfies Sophie’s appetite in bed but there is clearly nowhere the relationship can go. Thereupon Antoine re-enters the frame. He says he loves her, but can he really be the man for Sophie...?

Single Linkâlins.1978.DVDRip.XviD.avi

French only. No subs.
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