Rabu, 05 Januari 2011

László Szabó - Les Gants Blancs du Diable aka The White Gloves of the Devil (1973)

László Szabó is mostly famous as actor : his filmo as an actor is like a best of the so-called french new wave from the early 60s up to now, or something like that...he also directed a very few films himself, in Hungary (his homeland) and in France.

the AMG clerk wrote :

"An enigmatic man, blind in one eye [...] is the hit man in this French thriller. The films opens with this man, in dark glasses, walking into a bar and shooting a barkeeper. With the help of an unscrupulous doctor, the gunman has donated one of his eyes to a government official who is sitting in the bar at the time. As the film proceeds, he is shown receiving training in shooting at targets using sound, alone. As the gunman continues his devastating activities, it appears clear that his actions are part of an elaborate conspiracy by high-ranking government officials."

(edited to avoid spoilers)


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