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40 Carats (1973) - Milton Katselas

Adapted by Jay Presson Allen from the French farce by Pierre Barillet and Jean-Pierre Gredy, Forty Carats is a standard-issue sex comedy elevated by the performances of its stars. Fortyish Realtor Ann Stanley (Liv Ullman) finds herself attracted to Peter Latham (Edward Albert) - a man literally half her age. After a summer fling in Greece, Ann and Peter come to a parting of the ways, and that, Ann supposes, is that. Imagine her surprise when Peter comes to visit her back in New York. Though at first dismissed as a fortune hunter, Peter turns out to a financial whiz with a lot more in the bank than his lady friend. Both Ann's mother (Binnie Barnes, whose husband Mike Frankovich produced the film) and daughter (Deborah Raffin) are delighted at the prospect of Ann's romance with Peter -- the only one unsure is Ann herself. Lending his considerable comic expertise to Forty Carats is Gene Kelly as Liv Ullman's ex-husband-who also takes a liking to the personable Edward Albert and encourages the May-December romance. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

* Liv Ullmann - Ann Stanley
* Edward Albert - Peter Latham
* Gene Kelly - Billy Boylan
* Deborah Raffin - Trina Stanley
* Billy Green Bush - J.D. Rogers
* Sam Chew - Arthur Forbes
* Claudia Jennings - Gabriella
* Rosemary Murphy - Mrs. Latham
* Brooke Palance - Polly
* Don Porter - Mr. Latham
* Natalie Schafer - Mrs. Adams
* Binnie Barnes - Maud Ericson
* Nancy Walker - Mrs. Margolin

A forty year old woman who was vacationing in Greece meets a twenty-two year old, who was also on vacation. They spend the night together and she leaves him while he was sleeping. She then returns to New York and she is stunned to learn that her daughter's boyfriend is him. He then pursues her, and she is uncertain of what to do.

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