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El Vampiro (1957) - Fernando Mendez


After the passing of her aunt Marta (Ariadna Welter) returns to her family’s estate in the Black Sierra mountains. Marta meets a doctor named Enrique (Abel Salazar) who arranges a ride for both of them back to her family’s estate. Shortly after they arrive it soon becomes apparent that all is not well with her relatives and that their new neighbor Count Karol de Lavud (Germán Robles) is the cause of the problems.

El Vampiro was directed by Fernando Méndez who also directed the Mexican horror classic The Black Pit of Dr. M. The plot for El Vampiro is pretty much another retelling of Bram Stoker’s Dracula with some minor changes. Fernando Méndez’s direction is nearly flawless as its sets the mood immediately as we are quickly drawn into the nightmare he has made all so real. It is by far and away the most his most accomplished film of his career.

The acting in this movie is also pretty good with my only complaint being the under use of actor Abel Salazar is the qausi Van Helsing like role. His character never really asserts himself beyond the love inertest of Marta. The best performance is without a doubt that of actor Germán Robles in his feature film debut as Count Karol de Lavud. Germán Robles totally embraces the part and perfectly captures the essence of the character.

The filmed really lies on scares and heavily on atmosphere. The special effects while not without their faults are kind of cool and a hell of lot better then today’s crappy overdone CGI. The story does have some slow moments and the amount of Vampire attacks is minimal. Ultimately El Vampiro is one of the most compelling retelling of the Dracula story. Vampiro.avi

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