Sabtu, 26 Februari 2011

Intikam Melegi - Kadin Hamlet AKA The Angel of Vengeance - The Female Hamlet (1977) - Metin Erksan

An extraordinary interpretation of Hamlet from the phenomenal director of the Turkish Cinema: Metin Erksan.
In this presentation Hamlet is female and search vengeance of her father.
The relotionship of mother and son has a metamorphosis in that situation and force She-Hamlet to look for the lost father-and-daughter affection.
A foolish young girl, frenetic acts, glowing costumes, singing and dancing under expressionist camera angles.

Nominated for the Golden Prize at the Moscow International Film Festival , Intikam Melegi - Kadin Hamlet is Erksan's latest work of cinema.

Music score is from Soshtakovich's Hamlet

"To be or not to be" scene

Friends from United States comes to bring back Hamlet

Theatre scene

"Famous" beach scene

Does anybody know this adresse?

no pass
no subs

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