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The Last Train (1999) - Stuart Orme

The Last Train (Cruel Earth in Canada and America) is a British six-part post-apocalyptic television drama serial first aired on the ITV network in 1999. It has since been repeated on ITV2 in 1999/ 2001 and on numerous occasions on the UK Sci-Fi Channel, although it has never been released on either video or DVD. The serial was written by Matthew Graham and produced for ITV by Granada Television.

In the United States, the Fox Network purchased the rights to produce a new version of the series soon after its original UK transmission. Retitled The Ark, the idea has not progressed beyond pilot stage.

Plot synopsis

Beginning in Sheffield (the location of the 1984 BBC nuclear holocaust drama Threads), it followed the survival of a mixed group of passengers on a train who were accidentally cryogenically frozen. Waking up decades later, the passengers find that they are some of the last remaining humans to survive an apocalyptic meteor strike, and are alone in the British countryside. Scientist Harriet Ambrose (Nicola Walker) was making her way to a top-secret government project known as "Ark", supposedly a project to save humanity. The journey that follows revolves mainly around Harriet's obsession to reach the Ark and her boyfriend Jonathan Geddes (Ralph Brown) despite not being aware how many years have passed.

Upon being unfrozen, Harriet and her fellow passengers explore a post-apocalyptic Sheffield apparently deserted excepting a pack of rabid dogs. Thawed thief Mick Sizer (Treva Etienne) then leads the other passengers to his lock-up garage and the group sets off in his Mercedes Sprinter van in search of the Ark and hopefully more survivors.

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