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Le gentleman d'Epsom AKA The Gentleman from Epsom (1962) - Gilles Grangier


'Retired military officer Richard Briand-Charmery, known to all as “The Commandant”, gambles every centime he has on horse racing bets. When his luck is down, he supplies his friends with false betting tips, knowing that the friend whose bet comes off will give him a fraction of the winnings. One day, Richard meets up with an old flame, Maud, and passes an evening with her at his expense. To pay the bill for the evening’s extravagance, the Commandant tries his scam on a naive restaurateur, Ripeux...'
- Films de France

Directed by Gilles Grangier

Written by Michel Audiard, Gilles Grangier and Albert Simonin

Jean Gabin - Richard Briand-Charmery
Madeleine Robinson - Maud
Franck Villard - Lucien
Jean Lefebvre - Charly
Jacques Marin - Raoul
Jean Martinelli - Hybert
Joelle Bernard - Ginette
Aline Bertrand - La patronne du bar
Leonce Corne - Freedman
Marie-Helene Daste - Tante Berthe
Albert Dinan - Leon
Paul Faivre - Le vendeur de tickets
Camille Fournier - Therese
Paul Mercey - Oscar Robineau
Alexandre Rignault - Charlot
Josee Steiner - Beatrice
Paul Frankeur - Arthur
Louis de Funes - Gaspard Ripeux

Original Music by Michel Legrand and Francis Lemarque

Cinematography by Louis Page


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