Sabtu, 26 Februari 2011

Sest medvedu s Cibulkou aka Sechs Baren mit Zwiebel aka Six Bears and a Clown (1972) - Oldrich Lipsky

From SteampunkDuck:

This guy's probably the most exceptional usage of stage animals I've ever seen. Now it may be that I'm just way into bears, and I am, but even so this one delivers in spades; bears wandering around a school looking confused, all sorts of great classroom shenannegins, the chubby kid getting in trouble, weird rube goldberg machines, it's all there. The kids are not always great, but the chimpanzee (oh man did I mention the chimpanzee) practically exudes so much charisma you won't even remember!

Did I mention that it's got a whole bunch of circus-trained bears? :yahoo:

When the clown named Onion who is the trainer of a circus act involving six bears is fired, he takes a job as a cook at a school. In order to get the job, he has dressed up as a woman. When the bears come to the school to visit their friend, chaos erupts. Not only is no one prepared to cope with six friendly bears, but their visit occurs on the day when the state inspector of schools is to arrive. A chimpanzee named Tony tries to hide the six bears…

A very warm comedy for the whole family. Made by one of the most famous Czech directors.

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