Senin, 28 Februari 2011

Tabor ukhodit v nebo aka Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven (1975) - Emil Loteanu

IMDB Review:

Author: lerelieurfou ( from Montreal, Quebec

"it is simply the best gypsy movie, translating so well their thirst of freedom, for 'the road'...i saw it on tv as 'Les Tziganes s'en vont vers les cieux, in a children-family program, but i think it surpasses all the Kusturica-Gatlif spoofs depicting Gypsies. This one here depicts all the tragedy of the gypsy people, torn between materialism and freedom. The opening is a piece of anthology as the old sage predicts Zabor his near future and warns him : Dont trust any woman...and remember that freedom is the most important value...' And ahhh....Svetlana!!! so marvelous dancing and saying to Zabor : 'Dont look at me this way, it's forbidden...' To see for the proudness, the height of the feelings, the friendship, the love, so pure....but leading to tragic endings in a gadjo world... a must for gypsy-movies lovers as much as : Autrefois, nous étions des oiseaux, from Garri"

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