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Tarzan Korkusuz Adam aka Tarzan the Mighty Man (1974) - Kunt Tulgar

From IMDB:

However the story is really easy to follow if you've seen some of the Tarzan films from the 1930's.

A lot of footage has been lifted from these films to save on production costs.(this explains why the film's in black and white even though it was made as late as 1974.)

Tarzan fans may recognize a lot of scenes from Tarzan's revenge with Glenn Morris and the famous Weissmuller yell is used a lot in the film.

Yavuz Selekman is no Weissmuller or Barker but he's still looks convincing enough as the ape man.(Nice sideburns)

Some of the shots of the dinosaurs and the erupting volcano were also used in the Hindi film Tarzan and Cobra.

This film is a nice addition to any Tarzan fan's collection.



Dinosaur (?): Korkusuz Adam.1974.DVBrip.XviD-KO.avi

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