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30 Door Key aka Ferdydurke (1991) - Jerzy Skolimowski


From Chicago Reader by Jonathan Rosenbaum link

Jerzy Skolimowski's 1991 film, set in Warsaw in 1939, stars Crispin Glover as well as Iain Glen who as a 30-year-old suddenly starts being treated by those around him--his former professor, a nymphet, a female cousin--as if he had regressed back to childhood. Closer to a curiosity than to a success--the English dialogue and the period Polish setting make for an odd mesh at times--but a curiosity by Skolimowski certainly isn't like anyone else's.

This surrealistic theatre of the absurd film also features:

A duel out of nowhere :huh:

The general population of Los Angeles :(

A tennis match is interrupted, oddly. :crazy:

Gratuitous nudity :innocent:

Examples of how dark this rip/print gets in certain places

no pass

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