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Almost a Gentleman (1939) - Leslie Goodwins

Young lawyer Dan Preston (James Ellison) holds a bitter grudge against the affluent
family which prevented his marriage with their daughter because he didnt meet their
standards. He adopts a dog they were going to have killed, feeling a kinship to it, and is
adversarial to the family whenever he gets the chance. His bitterness is encouraged by
the son who insists both class and breeding are all that matter. He visits the family and
in an awkward moment realizes his life is passing him by. Though he starts a promising
romance, he still cant let go of his anger.
Two events take place - a murder and kidnapping, which allows Dan to both defend his
dog as well as justify his existence.
It is not often you see an embittered character study on this scale - Bright Leaf, In A
Lonely Place, and Ben-Hur come to mind. Actor James Ellison usually starred in
Westerns (and one of the first werewolf movies, "Undying Monster"), but here plays a
contemporary character, and is quite good.
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Director: Leslie Goodwins
Screenplay: David Silverstein & Jo Pagano. Harold Shumate (story)
CAST (actor...character)
James Ellison ... Dan Preston
Helen Wood ... Shirley Haddon
Robert Kent ... Robert Mabrey
June Clayworth ... Marion Gates
Robert Warwick ... Major Mabrey
Leonard Penn ... Arthur Gates
John Wray ... 'Crack' Williams
Brandon Tynan ... Jason Troop
Earle Hodgins ... Sheriff Ira Willis
Harlan Briggs ... Doc Rollins
Ace the Wonder Dog ... Picardy Max

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