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Anaparastassi (Reconstruction) and Ekpombi (Broadcast) (1970) - Theodoros Angelopoulos

allmovie says:

Theo Angelopoulos, one of Greece's most acclaimed filmmakers, catapulted onto the world stage with this award-winning mystery set in a remote mountain village in Epirus. Michalis Fotopoulos is the hard-working man who was forced to seek employment abroad due to economic necessity. Upon returning from Germany, he is murdered by his wife (Toula Stathopoulou) and her lover (Yiannis Totsikas). Throughout the film, which deals with the arrest and investigation, Angelopoulos seems more concerned with the nature of truth than the actual plot line. The details of the murder are never shown, and as the police and the media attempt to reconstruct the events, it becomes clear that truth is an illusory concept. Thanos Grammenos co-stars with Petros Hoidas and director Angelopoulos, who also co-wrote the film. -- Robert Firsching

images from Anaparastassi:

from Ekpombi: (Reconstruction) cd1.avi (Reconstruction) cd2.avi (1968).avi

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