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The Bachelor Party (1957) - Delbert Mann

Filmed in the wake of "Marty,""The Bachelor Party" follows four New York pencil pushers as they celebrate their buddy's impending marriage with a night of pub crawling and party crashing that eventuates in soul-searing revelations.

The film has superficial echoes of "Marty," particularly in Chayefsky's lilting, rhythmic dialog and his heavily underlined message that marriage, for all its pitfalls, is preferable to a single life. In many ways, "The Bachelor Party" is superior to its predecessor, its worldview grimmer, edgier, unfettered by sentiment.

Joseph La Salle's photography, shot at night on Manhattan locations, evokes the harsh, grimy imagery of Weegee, and director Delbert Mann gracefully moves his actors through the landscape as though they were passerby caught by accident.

Here's an overview from TV

"Chayefsky is one of the rare screenwriters whose names people know. His work is widely celebrated because he explores the mundane and the banal and shows us ourselves. This film depicts a group of bookkeepers in New York who toss the title party for a pal, and the booze gives vent to some of their deeper feelings. The running time is only 92 minutes, providing a demonstration of what good writing and direction can do in a tight time frame. Jack Warden is the office bachelor who plans the party for nervous groom Philip Abbott. E. G. Marshall is excellent as the aging bookkeeper who tries hard to put on a happy face but winds up in a crying jag that is painful to watch because it is so real.

"In an Oscar-nominated role, Carolyn Jones is an existentialist from Greenwich Village who becomes involved briefly with Don Murray, who top-lines as a reluctant participant.

" It's a little picture about little people, and it hits the mark on almost every level." Bachelor Party.avi

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