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The Bushwhackers (1952) - Rodney Amateau

Also known as The Rebel, The Bushwackers was coscripted by director Rodney Amateau and actor Tom Gries (later the director of such big-budgeters as Will Penny). Tired of senseless bloodshed, civil war veteran John Ireland vows never to use a gun again. This proves difficult when Ireland runs afoul of town despot Lon Chaney Jr. It seems that Chaney takes special delight in tormenting the local newspaper editor, who happens to be the father of pretty heroine Dorothy Malone. Effectively avoiding stereotypes and cliches, The Bushwackers is a virtually a model of everything a good program western should be. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

John Ireland - Jeff Waring
Wayne Morris - John Harding
Lawrence Tierney - Sam Tobin
Dorothy Malone - Cathy Sharpe
Myrna Dell - Norah Taylor
Frank Marlowe - Peter Sharpe
Bill Holmes - Ding Bell
Jack Elam - Cree
Charles Trowbridge - Justin Stone
Stuart Randall - Slocum
George Lynn - Guthrie
Gordon Wynne - Quigley
Eddie Parks - Funeral Franklin
Jack Harden - Mr. Lloyd
Ted Jordan – Soldier

Director : Rodney Amateau
Screenplay : Rodney Amateau, Tom Gries
Cinematographer : Francis D Lyon
Editor : Francis D Lyon
Producer : Larry Finley
Executive Producer : Jack Broder

Strange career that of Rodney (Rod) Amateau who started his directing career with B movie which he co-wrote with Tom Gries (neo-western director of the 60s who made « Will Penny » to name the most memorable of his movies) and worked mainly in tv on such series as « My mother the car », « Gilligan’s island » or « The Dukes of Hazard » but who briefly came back to the big screen in the 70s with such unmemorable movies as « Pussycat Pussycat I love you » (which he co-wrote with…. Woody Allen !) and « The statue »

Using a theme that became quite popular decades later, Amateau scores well on his directorial debut. The original title of this movie was to be "The Rebel" however, producer Broder was unable to keep his hands off anything he was involved in, hence the uninspired title. It is interesting to note that Director Amateau years later in his TV show "Dukes of Hazzard" named the automobile "The Rebel." Ireland is perfectly cast as the emoting Civil War veteran, only seeking peace, but willing to fight and kill to get it. The supporting cast is extremely interesting, featuring the, by then has-been Morris, Tierney, Dell, and Chaney. Considering that Ireland, Chaney, Tierney, and Morris were renown for their drinking bouts, working on this picture must have been a real challenge. The end result is a very good, if dated western, featuring some of the finest acting put on user

This is a rip from an alpha video dvd . So don't expect technical miracles but the movie's worth a look. bushwackers.avi

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