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Cão Sem Dono AKA Stray Dogs [+Extras] (2007) - Beto Brant

Plot Synopsis

Stray Dog, a observation of a love relationship, makes use of intimate colors to portray a generation. The film narrates the encounter between Ciro, freshly graduated in Literature, who goes through an existential crisis marked by skepticism and lack of plans, and Marcela, an ambitious young model beginning her career who completely devotes herself to her job, thus postponing the accomplishment of any dream.

About the Film

Stray Dog seeks the dialogue with a significant portion of the young Brazilian audience, based on an identification with the main characters.

The film represents an interpretation from the work of Daniel Galera, a writer born in São Paulo and living in Porto Alegre, appointed by the critics as one of the finest Brazilian authors from the new generation.

As one of the founders of Livros do Mal publishing company, Daniel Galera debuted with the short story book Dentes Guardados (2001). His first novel is titled Até o Dia em que o Cão Morreu. It is such atmosphere and characters that Stray Dog intends to capture.

About Beto Brant

Born in 1964, Beto Brant is among the filmmakers who have made their first feature-length films after the mid 90s, a time period known as the “resumption of Brazilian cinema”. In 1997, he debuted with Belly Up, a police drama shot at the border between Brazil and Paraguay. Friendly Fire is released in the following year, narrating the story of some ex-guerilla friends who reunite 25 years after being tortured by the military regime. In 2001, Beto Brant shoots his third feature film, The Trespasser (Latin American Cinema Jury Prize - Sundance Film Festival, 2002). Based on the eponymous novel by Marçal Aquino, the film portrays crime and violence as points of contamination between classes in Brazilian urban society. Delicate Crime tells the story about the relationship between a theater critic, a model and a painter, fusing different artistic expressions – theater, fine art, writing and cinema. Stray Dog, his fifth feature-length film, is a observation of a love relationship. It has been released in 2007.


- Best Film and Best Actress (Tainá Müller) - Festival de Recife, 2007
- Best Actress (Tainá Müller) - Festival de Cuiabá, 2007

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