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Coup de Tete aka Hothead (1979) - Jean-Jacques Annaud

imdb plot :

"François Perrin plays football at the AS Trincamp. During a training session, he gets into a fight with Bertier, the team's star, and is ordered off the field. The club's boss, who is also a powerful businessman, takes advantage of the situation and sacks him... But Perrin's revenge will be sweet."
(written by L.H. Wong)

comments (slightly edited to avoid spoilers) :

"A wonderful and little-known film, starring the late, great Patrick Dewaere as a hot-headed young man who works in a French factory town where the town's morale is intimately linked to the football (i.e. soccer) team. To be on the team and work in the factory are all there is in this town. [...]
An unusual film for Annaud, a typically brilliant piece of scripting by Veber, and a thoroughly engaging performance by Dewaere as the wronged man. Whatever happened to this movie?"

(Author: metaphor-2 from United States)

"Francis Veber hasn't only written and directed for himself, he has also penned scenarios for the others. Thus, he well served Edouard Molinaro for "l'Emmerdeur" (1972), Pierre Granier-Deferre with "Adieu Poulet" (1975) and Jean-Jacques Annaud with this "Coup De Tête". Shot before more ambitious plans would come to his mind ("le Nom De la Rose", 1986 or "l'Ours", 1988), this film ferociously demystifies football and as it's a very popular game in France, it was a refreshing, necessary gesture even if the film didn't do very well at the French box-office for evident reasons: it lingered on the other side of the picture.

From the outset with the choice of the scenery (the film was shot in Auxerre, a famous town for its football team) the first steps of the plot and the role of the characters, the authors' intentions are clear: to seal an alliance between entertainment and onslaught. This is what underpins the film. Through François Perrin's (Patrick Deweare) fall and rise, Annaud and Veber vent their spleens on the unscrupulous leaders of the football club and the shameless actions or schemings they adopt to preserve their interests or their players'. Violence, bribery, blackmail and the manipulative power they exert towards the players, the supporters even the population make the object of a specific, eloquent demonstration to amount to a simple, efficient denunciation.[...]

Another tawdry aspect of football will be explored by Jean-Pierre Mocky in his "a Mort l'Arbitre!" (1984): blind fanaticism that can grab rabid supporters and lead them to murder."

(Author: dbdumonteil)

"One of the best, most enjoyable little films I've ever seen. It's remarkable that it isn't more celebrated, especially considering the director and the actor involved. A must see, if you can figure out a way to see it."

(Author: tobybarlowny from brooklyn, NY)

"Warning: The following text may is written in horrible English. Sorry. The movie is about a talented football player, who is thrown out of the 2nd Team cause he wounded the Starplayer of the first team in a training-game. Cause the coach is also the boss of the factory he's working in, he gets fired soon. More problems are coming.[...]
To be honest till now I have seen only 4 movies by Patrick Dewaere... But again I have to say that he is my favorite french actor and this movie is not only critically it's also extremely funny. I hope i will see more movies of him, because sadly ,in general German television prefers to show superficial movies. So WATCH IT. If you have already seen it.. DO IT AGAIN.."

(Author: colla colla from Germany)


Patrick Pauleta

Kop of Trincamp

President Jean Bouise : "J'entretiens 11 abrutis pour en calmer 800 autres" :rolleyes:

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no pass

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