Kamis, 17 Maret 2011

Cuando Todo Esté en Orden aka Everything in Place (2002) - César Martínez Herrada

Things have changed since the last time he visited--now unemployed and poor, the clean house that he left two years ago is a mess, his moterbike has been sold by his son Pablo (Daniel Guzman) for drug money, and his spot in the local choir he had founded with his wife has been filled. Pablo, meanwhile, is returning home from a stint in rehab, and arrives on the same day as his father. Pablo's personal relationships are all on the rocks, from his wife and daughter to his father, and the now-sober young man decides to take whatever steps he can to repair them.

Director César Martínez Herrada
Cast Antonio Dechent, Daniel Guzmán, Cristina Plazas, Santiago Ramos, Miguel Rellán, Celeste Rodríguez, Mario Zorrilla
Length 98 min + 20 min Extra
Distributor Cameo
Discs 1
Region 2
Video Pal
1.85:1 , 4:3
Languages Dolby Digital Stereo: Spanish (V.O.)
Subtitles Englishé_en_Orden_aka_Everything_in_Place.avié_en_Orden_aka_Everything_in_Place.idxé_en_Orden_aka_Everything_in_Place.sub

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