Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011

David Verbeek - Beat (2004)

This 70 minutes low budget digital video movie debut by David Verbeek (director) and Rogier de Blok is an intense sensation. "Beat" lets you experience the burnout of the 26 year old Peter. We see him more and more on his own and in the process of becoming entirely estranged and isolated from his surroundings. Very handsomely played by Ian Bok, Peter seems at first sight to have everything on the roll: his looks, his job and a beautiful girlfriend, played by Janica Draaisma, in short a real yuppie living and working quite comfy in Rotterdam. Oppressive images really hitting you in the butt not in the least by de sound effects and music by Hein Verhoeven. The montage by David Verbeek and Sander Vos is very courageous.

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