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The Diamond Queen (1953) - John Brahm

In late 17th-century France, a master-jeweller miscuts a diamond meant for Louis XIV's crown and is thrown into prison. His only hope of release is for his son to travel to India, together with a member of the court, to find a replacement jewel. Their journey involves danger, capture, torture and the attentions of the sultry Queen Maya in John Brahm's period adventure, starring Fernando Lamas, Gilbert Roland and Arlene Dahl.

This film was shot before Fernando Lamas and Arlene Dahl married.

Fernando Lamas ... Jean Baptiste Tavernier
Arlene Dahl ... Queen Maya
Gilbert Roland ... Baron Paul de Cabannes
Sheldon Leonard ... Mogul
Jay Novello ... Gujar, Maya's steward
Michael Ansara ... Mir Jumla, the Mogul's general
Richard Hale ... Gabriel Tavernier

From IMDb:
In the early 1950s, Hollywood tried to compete with television's small, b&w screens by offering a number of Technicolored adventure movies filled with glamorous stars and exotic backgrounds. It was a Golden Age for movies about pirates, the French Foreign Legion, Arabian nights, jungle safaris, lost cities of gold, etc. "The Diamond Queen" fits neatly into this category but it's a minor effort and, not surprisingly, has largely been forgotten.

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