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E. Mason Hopper - Curtain at Eight (1933)

Numerous women have fallen in love with matinee idol Wylie Thornton, including Anice Cresmer, who, with her sister Lola, is in the cast of his current play. Lola begs her sister to give Thornton up, but she refuses. Thornton plans to leave for New York with local heiress Doris Manning as his new leading lady. Thornton and his wife, who is hiding the fact of the marriage while posing as his secretary, Alma Jenkins, plan to split the money that Thornton stands to make from his association with Doris. After Anice learns of Thornton's infidelity and kills herself, Lola goes to a farewell party for Thornton on the theater's stage intent on killing him. After the lights go out in preparation for a surprise, Thornton is shot to death. The murder is investigated by Jim Hanvey, an elderly, kindhearted detective, Marty Gallagher, a cop somewhat lacking in discernment, and Gallagher's foil, wisecracking reporter Terry Mooney. Suspects include Thornton's wife, Doris' father, Major Manning, Doris' sweetheart, Carey Weldon, Lola, and a trained friendly chimpanzee, who appears in the play and has found his trainer's gun in the prop room. While Gallagher arrests everyone in sight and thinks he has solved the case, Hanvey proceeds in a thoughtful, methodical manner. Two other murders occur, including that of the chimp's trainer. After finding the missing gun up in the scenery and learning that Lola killed Thornton to avenge Anice's suicide, Hanvey, sympathizing with Lola's motive, allows the chimp, who did kill his trainer, to take the blame for Thornton's murder. Doris and Carey reconcile, due to Hanvey's efforts, and Mooney, who says that he knew all the time that the chimp was the murderer, takes credit for solving the mystery.

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