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El pecado de Adán y Eva AKA The Sin of Adam and Eve (1969) - Miguel Zacarías

Absurd retelling of the story of Adam and Eve, this was the first of several biblical
movies by director Miguel Zacarías that were intended to inspire the faithful but only
inspired laughter instead. This film gained much notoriety due to the abundant nudity of its
stars and was released worldwide.

The story is told in flashback, with the exiled Adam (Jorge Rivero, wearing a very 1960’s
haircut) recalling his formerly happy life of nakedness in Eden (which looks like a public
park decorated with plastic flowers) and his contentment with Eve (Candy Wilson).
There is almost no dialogue except for the serpent urging Eve to sin and God’s
commandment to leave Eden. The latter scene is particularly hilarious, where the couple
is chased from the garden by a pair of flaming swords on obvious wires.

This story had been filmed before in Mexico in 1956 under the title Adán y Eva, and it too
was considered a racy movie in its day.

The Xvid is based on a DVD from Laguna Films, which used a pretty good print with
strong colors.

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no subs

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