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Elliott Nugent - And So They Were Married (1936)

Melvyn Douglas and Mary Astor are single parents with a son and daughter respectively, trapped in a winter lodge. Due to classic movie confusion, they first despise each other, then of course fall in love. Their children decide to break them up, then regret it and engineer getting them back together.
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Director: Elliott Nugent
Writers: Doris Anderson, Joseph Anthony, A. Laurie Brazee.
Original Story: Sarah Addington
CAST (actor...character)
Melvyn Douglas ... Stephen Blake
Mary Astor ... Edith Farnham
Edith Fellows ... Brenda Farnham
Jackie Moran ... Tommy Blake
Donald Meek ... Hotel Manager
Dorothy Stickney ... Miss Alma Peabody
Romaine Callender ... Ralph P. Snirley
Douglas Scott ... Horace

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