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Emanuelle - perché violenza alle donne? AKA The Degradation of Emanuelle (1977) - Joe D'Amato

Laura Gemser stars as Emanuelle in one of Joe D'Amato's better 'Black Emanuelle' films, EMANUELLE: PERCHE' VIOLENZA ALLE DONNE? aka THE DEGRADATION OF EMANUELLE. Released around the world cut to pieces this DVD is Uncut and Widescreen. Emanuelle travels the world once again on a crusading mission to report on the abuse and degradation of women at the hands of male-dominated organizations. At her first stop in India she meets up with George Eastman who plays a guru who has discovered the secret of prolonged sexual pleasure. While at the temple she also meets gorgeous Brigitte Petronio and it's not too long before both are 'enjoying' each other's company.

While at her next stop in Rome she meets Karin Schubert who gives her a lead about a white-slavery ring. Emanuelle then sets out to take down the evil men behind the ring! THE DEGRADATION OF EMANUELLE is not full of the 'shock' scenes that EMANUELLE IN AMERICA is noted for, but it certainly is a much more accomplished movie. There are still plenty of sleazy scenes…but what else would you expect from a Joe D'Amato film? Very highly recommended!" Around the World (1977).avi

Language: English | Subtitles: None
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