Selasa, 22 Maret 2011

Fatin Abdel Wahab - Beit al-Ashbah AKA The Haunted House (1952)

In this rarely seen Egyptian comedy classic, Ismail Yassin and his relatives have to spend a month living in a haunted house in order to collect their inheritance. They encounter Gu-Gu the goofy gorilla and an assortment of odd characters and strange occurrences, not to mention the obligatory belly dance routine. Also seen under the international English title 'House of Ghosts,' and directed by Fatin Abdel Wahab, who helmed several other Ismail Yassin films.

From a user on the Classic Horror Film Board: There are indeed a few other horror/sci-fi/fantasy titles available in digitally restored English-subtitled versions on DVD starring Ismail Yassin, of which the most interesting is undoubtedly BAYT UL-ASHBAH (The Haunted House, 1950), a revisiting of the relatives-gathered-for-the-reading-of-a-will scenario relocated to deepest Southern Egypt, with equal measures of Abbott and Costello's HOLD THAT GHOST (1941) and AFRICA SCREAMS (1949) 'borrowed' during the movie.

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