Kamis, 24 Maret 2011

Gian Paolo Callegari & Irving Rapper - Ponzio Pilato AKA Pontius Pilate (1962)

This film takes an unusual perspective on events surrounding the Passion of Jesus Christ by focusing on Pontius Pilate, the man who condemned Him to death. The ambitious Pilate, a Roman citizen from the province of Hispania was promoted to be the Procurator of Judaea, which turned out to be the most troublesome and intractable of Rome's provinces. He immediately sets his foot wrong by setting up the eagles of Rome, as was customary, in the most prominent place, the courtyard of the Jewish temple. When riots ensue, Pilate backs down, but he's in for a bumpy ride. To put the fractious mobs to work, Pilate has an acquaduct built to show Rome's benevolence by ensuring a potable water supply to the masses. But here again, instead of being grateful the people rebel because the course of the acquaduct transgresses one of their nonsensical tribal laws; it traverses over a burial ground! Pilate fails to placate them, zealots attempt to assassinate him, nothing goes right accept the safe arrival of his wife and son. Eventually, the Sanhedrin turns over a "blasphemer" for Roman dispensation of justice. By this time Pilate senses a trap, sees no wrong in the Man, and gives the mob a choice. They choose that Christ be executed. Pilate's wife, Claudia Procula, warns him not to crucify Christ as she saw violent repercussions in a dream, but he has to keep his given word. So he makes the biggest mistake of all time...and the results are tragic. Altogether a very interesting film which depicts more details of the enigmatic administrator's life than we are accustomed to seeing. (imdb)

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