Senin, 07 Maret 2011

Kinamand AKA Chinaman (2005) - Henrik Ruben Genz

Hulking Keld Decker (Bjarne Henriksen) looks little more than befuddled when Rie (Charlotte Fich), his wife of 25 years, leaves him. With his business on the rocks, he sells off nearly all his possessions, and starts eating atthe Chinese take-out restaurant across the road, methodically working his way through the menu.

Gregarious owner Feng (Lin Kun Wu) soon proposes a more appetizing dish: $8,000 to marry his fresh-off-the-boat sister Ling (Vivian Wu), so she can stay in Denmark. After seeing the beautiful Ling wafting around the restaurant's back rooms in a selection of colorful cheongsams, and with a settlement to pay to his ex, Keld agrees.

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