Jumat, 11 Maret 2011

Lastochki prileteli aka Swallows Have Arrived (2007) - Aslan Galazov

A drugs movie from North Ossetia. Konstantin (played by scriptwriter Irlan Khugayev) is a university professor of literature in Vladikavkaz. He is addicted to more than just good books. Konstantin does drugs. His life is like the lives of the characters in his favourite books, Stevenson`s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or Wilde`s The Portrait of Dorian Gray. Konstantin, known by his nickname Pik, tells his own story. He leaves out none of even the most drastic details. This is almost tangible naturalistic cinema that presents reality without any embellishment. The title is a reference to Alexei Savrasov`s 19th-century painting "The Rooks Have Arrived", a classic image of the return of spring and the beginning of a new life after a long and tough winter.

About director:
Born in North Ossetia, Russia in 1967. Studied literature and linguistics in Vladikavkaz, Moscow and Washington DC. He entered the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK). In 2003 he made his first short "Ascending". "Swallows Have Arrived" is his first feature film. prileteli.DVDRip.avi prileteli.DVDRip.sub prileteli.DVDRip.idx

included: Russian, English (sub+idx)
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