Selasa, 22 Maret 2011

Lee Philips - Salvage (1979)

Griffith stars as a junkyard owner who builds a space ship from his scrap pile
in order to retrieve valuable parts left on the moon by American astronauts. This is a very entertaining adventure film from the 70s that was the basis for the TV series Salvage 1. The effects are cheap but for those of us that grew up watching shows like this as kids it was pretty exciting.

Cast (in credits order)
Andy Griffith .... Harry Broderick
Joel Higgins .... Skip Carmichael
Trish Stewart .... Melanie Slozar
Richard Jaeckel .... Jack Klinger
J. Jay Saunders .... Mack
Raleigh Bond .... Fred
Jacqueline Scott .... Lorene
Peter Brown .... Bill Kelly
Lee de Broux .... Hank Beddoes (as Lee DeBroux)
Richard Eastham .... Commentator

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