Rabu, 30 Maret 2011

Luigi Zampa - L'arte di arrangiarsi AKA The Art of Getting By [+Extras] (1954)

Sicilian Sasa Scimoni (Alberto Sordi) learns L'Arte di Arrangiarsi, or "The Art of Getting By", in this perceptive Italian comedy. Over a period of several decades, Scimoni must adapt to the various power structures in Italy. Whether it be the monarchy, the socialists, the fascists or the Church, Scimoni manages not only to acclimate himself to the prevailing winds, but also to turn a neat financial profit in the bargain. Only by trying to second-guess himself does Our Hero come acropper. L'Arte di Arrangiarsi was the last of three collaborations between director Luigi Zampa and screenwriter Vitaliano Brancati (Anni difficili and Anni facili), each one casting a satiric eye on middle-class Italian life.

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