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Meet Comrade Student (1962) - Nicholas Webster

For this documentary, aired on ABC's Close-Up program in 1962, the producers travelled to the USSR to examine the Soviet education system in the post-Sputnik era.

"There were five of us. We went to Moscow to make a film about Soviet education. We stayed three weeks. We moved freely about the city. The Russians chose the school we saw and the home we visited - they guided but did not censor us. What you are about to see is more than an image of Soviet education, it is the face of Soviet youth, a portrait of tomorrow's Communists. You may be fascinated, you may be impressed, you may be profoundly disturbed, but it is what we found. Conscious of the Communist challenge, we transmit this image to you as objectively and as responsibly as we can. Make your own judgements. Before the hour is ended, we will contribute ours." Comrade Student (Webster, 1962).avi

Language:English, Russian

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