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Miss Lulu Bett (1921) - William C. de Mille

Though not as famous today as his brother Cecil, William C. de Mille was one of the silents' most respected directors. And though most of his silents have been lost, 1921's Miss Lulu Bett shows a delicate touch in the telling of an impoverished spinster's misfortunes in a small town.
Miss Lulu Bett is a 1920 novel by American writer Zona Gale. The novel was also adapted into a stage play by Gale, which won the 1921 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. It was a bestseller at the time of its initial publication, but gradually fell out of favor with changing tastes and social conditions.

IMDb synopsis:

Lois Wilson stars as the put-upon servant of her older sister's household in this melodramatic gem, directed by William C. deMille. Dominated by bombastic man-of-the-house Dwight Deacon (Theodore Roberts), Miss Lulu and her mother (Ethel Wales) exist on the periphery of family life until Dwight's brother Ninian (Clarence Burton) visits and takes a liking to the shy, withdrawn girl. Lulu is also noticed by family friend Neil Cornish (Milton Sills), and shares what seems to be a mutual attraction. Ninian insists on taking Lulu to dinner with his sister-in-law and brother, where he jokingly proposes marriage. Dwight officiates an impromptu ceremony then realizes the marriage is legal when he recalls he is a justice-of-the-peace. To spite her benefactor Lulu agrees to stay with Ninian, until he realizes he may be
married to another woman. She is forced to return home in shame, then lie in public about her marriage to save the family from scandal[...]

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