Rabu, 23 Maret 2011

Monta Bell - Up for Murder (1931)

It begins as a newspaper story, with young copy boy Ayres (less than 21 years of age in the movie) getting the opportunity to be a reporter. He is told to take one of the editors to a grand ball function. She is Genevieve Tobin, and she's obviously a little older than Ayres. She's also the kept woman of the editor of the paper who, yes, is married and has children. Well, Ayres falls for Tobin, and though she somewhat falls for Ayres, she's still a kept woman and she knows it. But guess who gets murdered? Guess who gets accused? Guess who gets convicted - but eventually let go? You're right on all three counts.This film typifies the classification, pre-code.Still, a really good film.

The lady- in- question is played by Genevieve Tobin, one of the most beautiful,sexy, and versatile actresses of the 1930s. Watch her in Goodbye Again, Goose and Gander, and Petrified Forest.She's very good and underexploited in all she does. Somebody who should be better known. She had talent, and it always shows, as it did in this film with Ayres.

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