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Nuit d'or AKA Golden Night (1976) - Serge Moati

the AMG clerk wrote :

"After his family tries to kill him and he has been pronounced dead, Michel (Klaus Kinski) returns to vex them. He presents each one with a voodoo doll, warning of their fate. Wandering over the streets of Paris, Michel is the haunted and hunted, as he himself hunts his villainous kin."

IMDB comment :

"Forgotten surreal masterpiece!

This thriller was no big hit, nor in terms of a Klaus Kinski movie neither as a successful seventies thriller. This French-German co-production tells the story of a maniac who survives a suicide attempt and tries to kill his relatives one after another to take his revenge.

The story is mean, but the settings, the photography and the colors are great. The backgrounds consist of dark old houses in Paris, streets at night and surreal colored interiors, like a mixture of the German Edgar Wallace movies in the sixties and Dario Argento's Italian giallos. The colors are really "washed out", and I have never seen such a blurred and pale movie.

There are also some really shocking scenes, like a bound, gagged and hanged schoolgirl in a kitchen room or an old Lady with heavy make-up humiliating a dwarf - scenes like from a Bunuel or Fellini movie. Check out this rather unknown surreal thriller with a fanatic and possessed Klaus Kinski! "

(Author: Mikew3001 ( from Hamburg, Germany )

Serge Moati would then become some kind of big shot producer / director (mostly for TV) in the historical drama genre & all that sum it up, it looks like this here film is the only gem to be found in his filmography (maybe he was smoking pot at the time or whatever)

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