Kamis, 03 Maret 2011

Praejusios dienos atminimui aka In Memory of the Day Passed (1990) - Sharunas Bartas

Sharunas Bartas is the kind of producer that makes movies not many might understand, and I am not sure he belongs to the very restricted set of the happy fews himself. I for myself do neither. But you cannot blame him, his movies are exceptional when you consider that the average number of actors performing in his productions is 2.1, including the crew. The recurrent theme - a man carrying a dead dog in the boat, beyond any doubt one of the deepest conceptions of Freudian frustration of solitude - and Bartas is the first one to say that we, especially the movie viewer that watches his movies, all feel very lonely

Of this "city symphony," a documentary companion piece to his Three Days, director Bartas wrote: "I have always been attracted to the city. Sometimes it seems that it’s nature’s creation; that some invisible force has gathered lots of people into one huge living creature. . . . Nowhere does man feel so lonely as he does in the city. And nowhere does he dive into such reckless rejoicing."

The first work of Bartas. A day in a URSS city. A great documentary. No subs needed. Pure emotional images.

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Language:No dialogues

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