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Pruska kultura AKA Prussian culture (1908) - Mojzesz Towbin

First preserved Polish movie from 1908 find in 2000 in Paris.

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23 August 2010 | by JoeytheBrit

Pruska Kultura, Poland's oldest existing movie, was long believed lost until a print was found in the Film Archives in Paris in 2000. Sadly, the years of neglect have taken their toll and the last couple of scenes are barely viewable. Despite this, it is clear to see that there is some real political motivation behind the retelling of a protest made by Polish children in the Prussian partition against the 'Germanisation' of their schools. The sets are reasonably sophisticated for its day, and the director has his actors make full use of the space available to them so that full use of the screen is made. Worth a look for its historical significance if nothing else.

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