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Sasori (2008) - Joe Ma

Review by Mark Deming, All Movie Guide:

An ordinary woman is transformed into a fighting machine in the wake of a shocking crime in this action drama from Japan. Sasori (Miki Mizuno) is a housewife happily married to a policeman (Dylan Kuo) who plays guitar in his spare time. One day, a gang of violent criminals break into Sasori's home and take hold of her husband as Sasori is goaded into murdering his sister. When the police arrive, Sasori is arrested as her husband sits in stunned silence. Convicted of murder, Sasori must prove her mettle against the tough-as-nails inmates at a grim women's prison, but the former housewife reveals she can give as good as she gets in a fight. Sasori runs afoul of the prison staff and the warden (Lam Suet) exiles her into a woodland just outside the prison grounds, where she's isolated with little hope of escape. To Sasori's surprise, she encounters a hermit known as the Corpse Collector (Simon Yam), who gives her a crash course in the martial arts and helps her escape. Sasori fights her way back to civilization and tracks down her husband, who is now playing with a rock band at a night spot, while his wife is determined to get revenge for being sent through hell. Sasori was based on a classic manga by Tooru Shinohara, and was previously adapted for the screen under the title Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion.

Note: this movie is a Hong Kong/Japan collaborative project. It is listed on IMDB as a Japanese film, however, all dialogue is in Chinese, and the director & several principle actors are Hong Kongese. This film is the retelling of a Japanese picture (Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion), and the story's protagonist (played by Miki Mizuno) and a couple other main characters (played by Nana Natsume and Ryo Ishibashi) are Japanese. (2008).mkv

Language: Japanese | Subtitles: English (embedded in Mkv file)
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