Kamis, 24 Maret 2011

Shozin Fukui - Onne (2006)

Even for hardcore fans of Japanese underground movies, the name Shozin Fukui might not immediately ring a bell. This might have something to do with the fact that following the 1996 release of his claustrophobic, ultra-violent, high-speed brain-driller Rubber's Lover, Fukui dropped out of sight for more than 10 years (Midnight Eye). His directorial style is often compared to that of Shinya Tsukamoto - as assistant director Fukui worked with Shinya Tsukamoto on Tetsuo (as well as with Sogo Ishii on Master of Shiatsu (1989). But many fans consider Fukui's aesthetic to be sufficiently divergent from Tsukamoto's for his films to stand on their own, even considering the extremely deep similarities. Fukui' two extremely strange DV-shot cyberpunk horror films in the 90s, 964 Pinocchio in 1991 and Rubber’s Lover are considered important, core films of the Japanese cyberpunk genre. Now he is back with a vengeance - not only have his old films been released on DVD in both the U.S. and Japan, but there's also his new all-out psycho-attack. 10 years later he has released three more movies since then - Onne, Den-Sen, and The Hiding. These three are almost completely unknown outside of Japan (Wiki).

...A couple of girls make a online friend. This online friend appears to be a hikikomori, who's only contact with the outside world comes through the internet and his radio. This man appears to be increasingly paranoid as the film continues and the girls witness the man's descent into madness over the web. His paranoia could be his imagination or it could be something supernatural (

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