Senin, 14 Maret 2011

The Sisterhood (1988) - Cirio H. Santiago

“This is a trashy late 1980s post-apocalyptic action movie, directed by an *Italian, staring Americans, and filmed in the Philippines. Clearly, you'd think that this one was doomed to stink from the get-go. And yet, it was sorta kinda cool. There were a lot of nice, and unexpected, character moments, some serious depth to the backstory, and a few pretty girls with swords. Admittedly, there were equal parts of eye-rolling dialogue, hammy acting and way too much teased and hairsprayed '80s hair, but overall I enjoyed watching this movie.” – Million Monkey Theater

"A group of amazon women are stalked by a ruthless barbarian in the aftermath of nuclear war in this science-fiction action feature. Alee (Rebecca Holden) and Vera (Barbara Hooper) lead the tribe across hostile territory to free their sisters held prisoner in the evil city. The thin veil of feminism is thrown into this routine plot." - Allmovie

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