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Szindbád aka Sinbad (1971) - Zoltán Huszárik

"Sindbad still stands alone in the context of Hungarian cinema as a stunning exercise in a visual style permeated by surrealism. . . The only true discovery of the early 1970s was Zoltán Huszárik" (Mira and A.J. Liehm).

Selected by International Film Guide in 1988 as one of the ten best Hungarian films of the quarter-century, this lush, sensuous, vivid work is based on a series of stories by Hungarian surrealist Gyula Krúdy, and features acting great Zoltán Latinovits as an aging Don Juan fondly remembering a life of wine, women and song -- but mostly women. Each fragment of memory, each wistfully recalled romance, is rendering in ravishing, luxuriant detail, creating "a wordless tapestry of, not images, but life breaths" (Peter Rubin).

Sindbad is a work of intoxicating, almost overwhelming physical beauty. "Sophisticated [and] startling in its assurance. Huszárik is one of the few directors to match Resnais's flair for fragmenting time" (Peter Cowie).

"It was photographed by Sándor Sára and has claims to being one of the most beautiful films ever made" (Graham Petrie).

"A masterpiece" (András Bálint Kovács).

This lavish Hungarian film chronicles the exploits of a Magyar Casanova in the early years of the 20th century. Sensual Szindbad (Zoltán Latinovics) leaves behind broken hearts and fond memories when he moves from one woman to another. Some of them, overwhelmed by their tragic attachment, seek to have him join them in a suicide pact, others carelessly toss their lives away. He remains fundamentally untouched, but he finally gets his comeuppance at a grand dinner in a fine restaurant. The headwaiter confides in him at great length about troubles he is having with his wife, who was one of Szindbad's conquests. ~ Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide


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