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Ukrotitelnitsa tigrov aka The Tigers Tamer (1955) - Aleksandr Ivanovsky & Nadezhda Kosheverova

Movie Review
Ukrotitelnitsa Tigrov (1955)
September 5, 1955
The Screen; Russians' 'Tiger Girl' Tame Act at Stanley
Published: September 5, 1955

THE Soviet film-makers are dispelling the notion that the cliché-cluttered plot is the sole property of Hollywood with "Tiger Girl," which bowed into the Stanley on Saturday. Although it takes some diverting peeks into and behind the arena of one of Russia's Big Tops, its large helpings of romance and humor are strictly standard and lightweight. Despite its pleasing colors and a potentially exciting setting, this "Tiger Girl" emerges as a tame act.

Since they are concerned with circuses, and not bread, the producers have injected little that could he construed as special pleading. But this excursion into the world of tanbark and trapeze, which manages to be light-hearted, if plodding, sticks to the idea that the path to true love has to be circuitous. So, we have our hero, Fyodor, a daring motorcycle champion, who is importuned into doing a dare-devil turn for the circus, being cast into the orbit of Lena, the girl friend of his best pal.

This energetic miss is not only immediately smitten but also yearns for the day when she can take over as a tiger tamer. There also is the complication of another comely miss who casts calf eyes at Fyodor. At any rate, Lena, who is cleverer with cats than with swains, gets her opportunity to handle the felines, after which she whips her romantic affair into shape.

In the meantime, a viewer who has been through such amatory trials before, can get satisfactory glimpses of a variety of circus fare such as her man's stupendous act—he leaps through space on his cycle—as well as her climactic mastery of her snarling charges before an appreciative audience. Lena Kasatkina makes a pretty, blonde and ebullient tamer; Peter Kadochnikov is tall, handsome and properly self-effacing as the lovelorn and intrepid cyclist, and L. Bykov is adequate as his frustrated sailor sidekick. In this case, however, if it comes down to a choice between the lady or the tigers, we'll take the cats.

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