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Unter Palmen und blauem Himmel aka Film Emigration from Nazi-Germany (Part 4). Under Palms and Blue Skies (1975) - Günter Peter Straschek

This is german without subs.

Straschek was one of the first students at the berlin film school DFFB, where he studied with Harun Farocki, Hartmut Bitomsky, Holger Meins and others. In 1968, he was relegated from the school for political reasons. He died in September 2009. Here is a long article on Straschek (in german language), written by Johannes Beringer, a fellow student from 1966 to 1968 at the DFFB.

»Filmemigration aus Nazideutschland« is a series of five programs on emigration from Nazi-Germany. It is largely based on a huge number of interviews that Straschek conducted, sometimes interspersed with archive footage from either political events or from feature films. Straschek’s awareness of questions of form – he was a friend of Straub/Huillet and reads from a letter from Arnold Schönberg in their »Einleitung zu Arnold Schoenbergs Begleitmusik zu einer Lichtspielscene« – is obvious: There are no zooms or variations of shots in any of the interview parts; he usually films his interlocutors from a medium distance, showing little of their mimic and opting to put them in their present setting in 1975.

This fourth part has a strong focus on acting in Hollywood. There are less interviews than in the other parts and much more excerpts from films featuring german emigré actors, directors or script writers (Mission to Moscow / Curtíz; Casablanca / Curtíz; Confessions of a Nazi Spy / Litvak; Hangmen also Die/ Lang; Desperate Journey / Walsh; To be or not to be / Lubitsch; Somewhere in the Night / Mankiewicz).

This part starts with a tracking shot along Bedford Drive, Los Angeles (shot in 1974) and ends with Johanna Hofer-Kortner, Fritz Kortner’s widow and an actress herself, reading a touching and desperate letter written by her husband to her in december 1937.

It includes Interviews with Hermann Millakowsky, Mrs. Lion Feuchtwanger, Elli Silmann, Harold Nebenzal, Paul Henried, Renata Lenart, Paul Falkenberg, Joseph Than, Peter Kortner and Johanna Hofer-Kortner.

Original broadcast: 2.12.1975, WDR 3 (german TV)

[Straschek with Peter Kortner, Fritz Kortner's son]

[Johanna Hofer-Kortner reading Fritz Kortner's letter]

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