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Will Tremper - Berliner Lektionen - Horst Buchholz & Will Tremper (1992)

Berliner Lektionen – Horst Buchholz & Will Tremper (1992)
This is an audiovisual recording of a public conversation between Horst Buchholz and Will Tremper. The conversation took place on August 30 1992 in Berlin's Renaissance Theater. It was part of "Berliner Lektionen". "Berliner Lektionen" is a series of public lectures and debates which »was instigated in 1987 for the 750th anniversary celebrations of the city, and has since seen more than a hundred Sunday morning readings in which a wide range of important figures in public life – philosophers, artists, scientists, writers, politicians – talk about their experiences in a fast changing world« (quote taken from their website).

Actor Horst Buchholz and journalist-writer-producer-director Will Tremper have a casual and anecdote-driven Sunday 70-minutes talk before lunch in front of a theatre audience. Topics are mostly movie-related and focus on Buchholz's career. Detailed description about »Die Halbstarken«, some anecdotes about Billy Wilder, Georg Tressler and other directors and actors are featured. The camera is fixed at the right side of the audience, occasional pans and zooms mostly focus on Buchholz, who is the star of the show. This document is for people interested in Horst Buchholz and/or Will Tremper. Others won't find the film very satisfactory.

No director nor staff member is stated – except »STASCH-AV« in the end-credits. I chose Will Tremper as »director« here. The language is German. No subtitles yet!

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