Kamis, 10 Maret 2011

Wit (2001) - Mike Nichols

From stefflbw:

Thompson is terrific in Nichols' Angels in America but on a higher plane in Wit. The film is sad and real, and in pursuit of the consolations of poetry.

Based on the Margaret Edson play, Vivian Bearing is a literal, hardnosed English professor who has been diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer. During the story, she reflects on her reactions to the cycle the cancer takes, the treatments, and significant events in her life. The people that watch over her are Jason Posner, who only finds faith in being a doctor; Susie Monahan, a nurse with a human side that is the only one in the hospital that cares for Vivian's condition; and Dr. Kelekian, the head doctor who just wants results no matter what they are.

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