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Agnès Varda - Cléo de 5 à 7 [Extras] (2005)

-Souvenirs et Anécdotes ('36)
- Madonna & Agnès talk about Cléo (2' 23")
- Cléo's real walk around Paris in fast forward (9' 15")
- Hans Baulding Grien, XVIth century painter
- About "Les Fiancées du Pont Mac Donald" (2' 55")
- Cléo de 5 à 7 Original Movie Trailer (2' 02")
- "Les dites cariatides bis" (2005)
- Rue Daguerre in 2005 (22' 40")
- Pain, peinture et accordéon (8')
- Daguerréotypes, objets photographiques (5' 58")
- Fête de la musique (3' 23")

More than 40 years after making "Cléo de 5 à 7," Agnès Varda invites her star, two other cast members, and her assistant directors to look back. She takes us through the film, from opening scene to the end, visiting its Paris locales, placing her aged actors in the same spots, telling stories, and listening to others' reflections on the making of the film. She and they talk about making a film on a low budget, its showing at Cannes, and trying to fix a problem in the last shot. Her assistant directors discuss casting, costumes, sets, and the ways the film changed their approaches to filmmaking. Scenes from "Cléo" are included throughout the documentary. Written by jhailey.

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