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Andrew V. McLaglen - McLintock! (1963)

Dennis Schwartz said this:
“Cattle baron George Washington McLintock (John Wayne) owns the biggest spread in the territory, a lumber mill and a mine, but has been upset the last few years because the hot-blooded wife he loves—Katherine, (Maureen O'Hara) has left him for no clear reason and Sooners (homesteaders) in droves have been brought in by the corrupt land-grabbing windbag governor Robert Lowery (Gov. Cuthbert H. Humphrey, spoofing on liberal Democrat Senator Humphrey) to farm the mesa land that can't be plowed.

The plot has McLintock being spokesman for Indian rights as his Comanche friends are being screwed by Governor Lowery and when this serious business is resolved McLintock has to deal with the return of his abrasive wife who nags and orders him around. Katherine has returned to greet their 17-year-old daughter Becky (Stefanie Powers), who is just back from attending college back east.

A mild story develops of the reactionary self-made two-fisted macho drinking man McLintock hiring homesteader Devlin Warren (Patrick Wayne) as a cowhand, and his widowed mom Louise (Yvonne De Carlo) as cook and her daughter Alice (Aissa Wayne) as helper. Ramrod Drago (Chill Wills) is McLintock's loyal longtime worker and friend, general store owner Jake Birnbaum (Jack Kruschen) is his fellow chess player and friend, Bunny Dull (Edgar Buchanan) is the friendly hobo who gets regular handouts from McLintock, Matt Douglas (Gordon Jones) is a pompous, crooked and wormy bureaucrat, Indian agent Agard (Strother Martin) is an inept fool, and hired hand Curly Fletcher (Hank Worden) is uneducated but does his job. A subplot develops as Becky is pursued by college grad Douglas's stuffy son and good old-fashioned boy Dev, whom McLintock favors.

Wayne shows he can master slapstick comedy, if need be, as this is his best comic effort. Though not one of his better films, it still entertains as a crowd pleaser--giving the public what it wants usually helps.”

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