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Atif Yilmaz - Aaah Belinda (1986)

Serap, a young actress with a strong, lively personality and a special dislike for middle-class family life, takes part in a TV-commercial for a recently marketed shampoo, "Belinda". She plays the role of a typical housewife called Naciye. During one of the rehearsals, she suddenly finds that the stage has disappeared, the crew has vanished and all the elements of the script have become real. Now she is Naciye. No one around recognizes her as Serap anymore. Even worse, her family thinks that she is suffering from depression, while Serap desperately tries to prove otherwise.

IMDb Comment
Aaah Belinda is one of the many movies produced in the fruitful years of 1980's, with a low budget, not totally & precisely worked on, but still a remarkable one distinguished from the others in the era.

The scenario ( and the story ) depends on an original idea, what if our lives change in a second to a totally different one in which we find everything we hate to do. That's not only a bad dream, it is truly a different life and it seems you get used to it. Müjde Ar plays one of her finest characters with some vague silliness.

Atif Yilmaz is a master in Turkish cinema, but always struggled with the enormous low budgets and pretty short time the productions are realized. He tried to overcome this situation casting the best actors & actresses and always keeping in mind the scenario is the main element of a movie, that's what keeps the spectators in their seats.

The fantastic story of an independent and stylish stage actress (Serap) suddenly waking up to be the mother of two children and wife to a guy he doesn't know. Helpless, struggling to keep her wits, she tries to adapt to the whole new life brought upon her. Atıf Yılmaz won the "Best Director" and Müjde Ar won the "Best Actress" awards in 23rd Antalya Film Festival.

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