Kamis, 21 April 2011

Claude Chabrol - Poulet au vinaigre AKA Chicken with Vinegar (1985)

In a small French town, three prominent men – the butcher Filiol, lawyer Lavoisier and doctor Morasseau – have formed a property development consortium. Their intention is to buy and demolish an old house belonging to Madame Cuno, but she refuses to sell and so they begin a campaign of intimidation and persuasion. Madame Cuno, an invalid, lives alone with her son, Louis, who is the town’s postman. Fed up of being harassed by their neighbours, the Cunos decide to go on the offensive, but things take a dramatic turn when one of Louis’s pranks results in Filiol’s accidental death. Whilst this is happening, two young women mysteriously disappear. One, Morasseau’s wife, is found burned beyond recognition in a crashed car. Inspector Lavardin appears on the scene to investigate these strange goings on and uncovers more than he bargained for... (

Spanish srt

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