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Edgardo Cozarinsky - La guerre d'un seul homme AKA One Man's War (1982)

Edgardo Cozarinsky ’s pioneering film essay, La guerre d’un seul homme (“One Man’s War”), combined newsreels from the Nazi occupation of Paris with extracts from the diaries of the writer Ernst Junger, at the time Military Governor of the French capital. The effect is both disturbing and illuminating as to the kind of constructions and truth-claims involved in the newsreel and the diary. Made in exile in France, during the harshest period of the military dictatorship in Cozarinsky’s native Argentina, the ethical and political implications go well beyond what happened in France during World War II.

Edgardo Cozarinsky ....... Director / Screenwriter
Niels Arestrup ................. Ernst Jünger [Voice]
Jean-Marc Henchoz ....... Producer
Ernst Juenger ................. Book Author
Hans Pfitzner ................. Featured Music
Arnold Schoenberg ......... Featured Music
Richard Strauss .............. Composer (Music Score)
Alain Dahan ......................Executive Producer


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In this compilation of newsreels and archival footage, director Edgardo Cozarinsky has put together images from occupied France during World War II with readings from a journal by a German officer, Ernst Juenger. The story is rounded out with scenes from concentration camps and views of the devastation wrought by Allied bombings. One segment of the documentary mentions that Maurice Chevalier) was among the French accused of collaboration with the Germans, and although Cozarinsky must feel this is an accurate portrayal, Chevalier was exonerated of any wrong-doing after the war -- perhaps it would have been better to present both sides in this instance, in keeping with the theme of the indiscriminate casualties of war.


[...] In 1974, in the turmoil of political agitation and imminent repression, Cozarinsky left Buenos Aires for Paris. There he embarked into filmmaking that falls roughly into two categories - fiction films and "essays", mixing documentary material with a personal, even private reflexion on the issues raised by the material. The most distinguished of these is La Guerre d'un seul homme (One Man's War, 1981), a confrontation between Ernst Jünger wartime diaries and the French newsreels of the occupation period. At a time when the arts' departments of several European television networks were willing to support such ventures, Cozarinsky was able to develop this approach in a series of very original works.

Deutsches Historisches Museum (in German)

Article of Edgar Cozarinsky by Jonathan Rosenbaum:

Review by Janet Maslin in New York Times
here Guerre dun seul homme.avi

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